Rugs That Are to Dye For

Oriental rug

Have you ever wondered why Persian and Oriental Rugs are so expensive and highly prized? Much of it comes down to how these rugs are made. Weaving rugs is an ancient and complex art that has been passed down through the generations. Traditional woven and dyed rugs fetch thousands of dollars in today’s market due to the immense amount of work that goes into each and every handmade rug.

One of the most interesting aspects of these rugs is the dyeing of the wool. The dyes are all comprised of natural ingredients, with each different color coming from a different organic source. Here’s a quick chart:

Red Madder Root or Cochineal Beetles (for a more vivid red)
Yellow Saffron and Turmeric
Blue Indigo Plant
Green Made by mixing Indigo and Yellow dye (though the Chinese would use a shrub called Rhamnus Chlorophorus)
Purple Found in Shellfish
Orange Henna
Beige Barley
Black, Grey, Brown Shells of nuts and husks of nut trees


These ingredients are boiled in varying amounts of water, with less water yielding more vibrant colors and vice versa. After straining out any excess solids, the wool is added to the dye vat and heated with the dye for any desired amount of time. The wool soaks in the dye as it cools, making the color stay fast in the fabric. After it has been allowed to set for an appropriate amount of time, the wool is washed in cold water to get any excess color out.

rug dyeing

This process takes a very long time, and that doesn’t even include the time it takes to weave the actual rug itself. Therefore, the price makes a little more sense. These rugs can be beautiful family heirlooms if cared for properly.

Since these rugs are handmade from natural dyes, they require a little bit more care than your average area rug. They should be kept away from sunlight, as the UV rays will fade the colors immensely and destroy your rug. When cleaning traditionally made rugs one should be very careful about what cleaning solutions they are using. Many modern cleaning solutions use harsh chemicals that can damage your rug’s coloring. Experts generally recommend getting professional rug cleaning services when dealing with expensive traditional rugs.

If you find yourself becoming an owner of a fine handmade Oriental or Persian rug, make sure to take good care of it. They are beautiful works of art and make a wonderful addition to any home. With proper care the vibrancy and richness of the natural dyes will remain for years to come.

To learn more about traditional rug dyeing practices check out this Wikipedia article about natural dyes.

5 Ways to Choose the HVAC Company Right For Your Home

handy man

Heating and cooling systems are durable goods that are designed to last at a minimum, 20 years and have even been known to surpass up to 40 years. With this being said, servicing these machines is not that common of a task and technicians are usually only brought in when something has gone wrong or the central system has broken. Being that the average homeowner may only see an HVAC expert once a year, they may not readily have someone to call on hand without having to reference the internet or their friends for a reliable referral. There are many different heating and air companies out there and it can sometimes be a battle trying to decipher who is the best candidate with the most experience. To help you out, we have asked the nice folks at Bradley Mechanical in Richmond VA to guide us through a couple of ways you can find an experienced heating and cooling company.

When deciding on who is right for the job, the first thing you must ensure is that the company you are considering is qualified to work on the type of system that your home uses. Is your home using a gas, electric, or oil furnace? Is it an older air conditioning model? Does your home run on a heat pump? Will you be needing ventilation repair as well? When you find out what heating and cooling source your home is using, make sure that the service you are considering has the necessary experience and tools to efficiently repair your central units. Some certifications that you can ask for are NATE certifications, Excellence certifications, and the Environmental Protections Agency 608 certification. It wouldn’t hurt to even ask for some references so you can ensure that the work they have done in the past lead to a satisfied experience.


One key indicator on the prestige of the HVAC service in mind is whether or not they currently have a steady load of customers. Someone that can be at your home in 15 minutes is not always the best choice. This can present signs of a new to the industry business or someone that can’t retain work. With such a competitive market, you should expect to set up an appointment to get someone into your home. In Richmond, VA, there are a few larger companies that can accommodate those 15min service calls but this is only because of the large technician base that they have. If you are a small sized business, then a 15 min response time may indicate concern, but not in all cases.

You may also choose to look for an HVAC repair service that is a factory authorized service provider that has specific knowledge of the brand of unit you have in your home. If you have a warranty on your unit, then it is usually required to go this route or the warranty can be deemed void. Otherwise, a claim may not be able to be resolved under warranty. A factory authorized service provider may also be better qualified to work on your specific brand of unit opposed to the other run of the mill technician. For example, here at Bradley Mechanical, our Richmond HVAC technicians are factory authorized service providers for one of the most reliable heating & cooling products, Lennox. Working with one of these service providers is also another surefire way that you can receive the greatest amount of trade-in value if you need to replace your system.

If you are planning to schedule an annual servicing and checkup, then you should highly consider the time of year you choose to set up an appointment. If it is during the summer or winter seasons, then prices are at their highest. To save yourself some money, choose an off-season date. You may also be able to find some discounts and promotions online, so be sure to do your research and spend some time looking around. Some companies are also known to have competitive pricing, so if you find a lower price, there may be room to haggle down a bit.

Lastly, never forget to check out online HVAC testimonials and reviews. More people are apt, to posting a bad review than a good review so keep that in mind. You can’t please everyone. But, if you have a lot of poor reviews this can indicate a problem. You can check Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook, and the BBB. These are all great places to look and you may even want to try and reach out to some of these reviewers to gain a little more insight on a problem or a great experience.

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Top Granite Counter-Top Trends for 2016


The use of granite is a sure-fire way to rapidly increase the value of your home. Granite Countertops are always a perfect option for both your kitchen and bathrooms, as the high-end stone is available in hundreds of patterns and colors. If you’re planning on selling your home you have probably heard the old adage that kitchens and bathrooms tend to sell homes. This is certainly a true statement—and a high-end countertop could be the difference between a quick contract and a house that sits on the market for months on end. Granite also brings a unique and exciting aesthetic to any do it yourself projects, guaranteeing a touch of luxury via the use of quality material. Additionally, new sealant technology promises to protect your granite investment year after year, throughout even the most demanding environments.

One of the best things about using granite fabrication is its impressive durability. It is strong and solid—plus it typically resists scratches, dings, and scuffs.

If you are looking for ways to incorporate more granite in your home first make absolutely sure that the type you choose will improve upon the existing aesthetic—or look and feel—of your home. Before selecting a slab, it is wise to take a long, hard look in each room. Take inventory of the colors, surfaces and make note of the overall look you would like to achieve. This will make your eventual shopping experience more leisurely.  As an example, if you are seeking a luxury shabby chic look, reminiscent of the French countryside, it is typically best to replace worn countertops with rich neutral hues and textures that nicely compliment the accompanying environment. Keep in mind a new trend in luxury design is using granite in kitchen and bathroom sink bowls to achieve a high end, smooth and sleek look.

But granite isn’t just for countertops. It is perfectly acceptable to get creative with this versatile medium! In need of new flooring? Look no further. Consider utilizing granite as an inlay for your outdoor entertaining space or pool area to replace a worn, tired-looking surface.  The options are virtually endless—and outdoor living spaces are always a viable option. Keep in mind that granite is both hygienic and temperature resistant, so it maintains a balanced temperature year round. Perhaps best of all, granite is almost completely indestructible and very easy to clean—which is always a nice characteristic of flooring.

For those of you who are experienced in the do it yourself scene, granite installation is not as hard as it sounds. In fact, it is actually pretty easy for those who are up for the challenge.

Granite D.I.Y. Installation Tips

drawing kitchen

The first step is, of course, to obtain an accurate measurement. Many experts suggest that the most precise way to get measurements for your fabricator is to fashion a workable template from cardboard, inexpensive plywood or Mylar plastic. The template should fit snugly against the wall before you trace along the run of cabinets. Make sure to measure the exact locations for sink and cook tops.  Specify your requirements and submit the measurements to your fabricator. Then set a day for delivery or pickup.

After you have your counter tops the first step is to dry fit the cut slab to ensure it fits—and aligns—perfectly.

Once the counter tops are flush with the walls, it is time to join the seams—assuming you have multiple slabs. First, tape off all the edges to protect them. Then, join each seam using a color-matched epoxy. (You can purchase this product directly from your granite fabricator.)

Gently tighten the tightening screws until you begin to feel a bit of resistance. Now switch on your auto pump. The tension between the two edges will ensure it remains flush until the epoxy dries.  After about an hour, remove the setter. You can use a small straight edge razor to shave away any excess epoxy.

Now it is time to secure the stone to the wood cabinets. Rest assured, the weight of the counter tops is nearly enough weight to hold them in place, but it helps to adhere a small bead of caulk along the underside of the counter tops where they meet the counter.

You’re almost done with your granite countertop D.I.Y. project. Simply apply a granite sealant to your brand new counter tops to fully protect the stone.  It is also best to allow everything to dry for a full 24 hours before using the counter tops or placing small kitchen appliances on them.

The counter tops are guaranteed to look stunning. Make sure to reward yourself for all the hard work!

Building My Dream Room

Dream Room HeaderI’ve owned this big house now for 2 years and I’ve yet to do anything great with it. It’s a great home. It’s clean, nice furniture, great appliances, but it’s lacking some personality. This year I’m determined to change that.

I’ve been planning a transformation for my basement for a while now, but I’ve yet to capitalize on the time I have off of work to make progress with it. As it stands currently, its just a basic basement. You have a concrete floor, cinderblock walls, and a few pillars sticking out to support the weight of the house. I want to change this lackluster room into the ultimate man-cave. What I have planned now and estimating for the amount of time I have to dedicate to the project, I think I can complete my dream room within 6 months. These are some of the tasks I want to focus on.

The Walls

The walls right now are your typical cinderblock walls. They are kind of grungy and contribute to the echoes in the room, making for bad acoustics. To fix this, my plan is to put up drywall around the room along with crown molding. I want to give the room a cozy atmosphere, so I plan on painting the walls a muted, dark red color, with white crown molding. On the walls I plan on hanging up framed movie posters of some of my all-time favorites.

The Floor

The floors now are a basic concrete floor. To match with the atmosphere of the room, I’m going to install hardwood floors. The color I think will work best is Fossilized Bamboo, which is a light gray color that matches well with the muted dark red of the walls.  I plan on adding a couple area rugs to not only break up the expanse offlooring, but to also help with some of the acoustics in the room.

Spacious Living Room

The Amenities

Some of the things I’m most excited about and what is really the biggest driving force behind this project is the addition of some cool extras.  These include an entertainment center on one end of the room, including a 60” television as well as a few gaming consoles.  On the opposite end of the room, I’m going to build in a bar, featuring a shelf for my favorite whiskeys and rums.  I also plan on creating a working kegerator from an old fridge that I have sitting around.  Built into the bar I’ll include a small humidor for easy access to fresh cigars.

Major Contracting Tasks

With my basement renovation there are some additional contracting tasks that will need to be implemented by a professional.   These tasks include working with an HVAC professional to develop the best way to implement heating and cooling into the room.  I’ll also need to see about adding appropriate electrical outlets into the room in order to power all of my amenities.


I have a large task in front of me, but I’m excited to get started and finally bring some personality to my home.

How to Restore Your Oriental Rug

oriental rug

Cleaning your oriental rug is no easy task and should be dealt with by the professionals. They have the resources to get the job done quickly and with little mess. This cleaning process requires a lot of room and expensive equipment that can even add up if you decide to rent it. Expert rug cleaners have high-quality rug equipment that can get this tedious task done with impeccable results. You won’t be able to rent good enough equipment to get that pristine clean that the professionals can offer. Today we have the folks from All Brite Chem-Dry to help discuss some rug cleaning methods that have been known to gain excellent outcomes.


When dealing with cleaning any rug, the first priority is to remove all dried dirt and dust. The most effective way is to first start by vibrating the rug. There are many machines out there that do just that, but we have found the Wolverine Rug Duster to be one of the most efficient. The rug is placed on the floor above a raising mat that has holes all throughout it. Your next step is to run the rug duster across every inch of the rug at a very slow pace. As you move along the surface, you are vibrating the dust and dirt out of the back side. When the first step of this process is complete you can then lift the rug and shake it out a bit. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt left beneath the mat below. We then take the mat and the rug outside to be blown off with a very high powered air compressor. After the agitation from the vibration rug duster, we are able to blow out the remainder of the loosened dirt and dust. We will slowly run the air compressor head across the pile side of the rug to its entirety.  When complete we will flip over and do the back side. This process is again repeated and then sent to the washing step.
old school rug cleaner

The next step is to properly wash the rugs. In the olden days, rugs were taken out to the river bed and cleaned through and abrasive process which involved a bristle brushing broom.  However, this took up a lot of time and now we resort to using newer technologies. For our washing process, we run the carpet though a specialty paddle wheel rug washer. We can feed the entire rug into this commercial size cleaner. We run the rug through this machine for about forty-five minutes to an hour. You will be able to see the dirt rinsing off and dispersing though out the water causing a murky appearance. This lets you know that you are doing a good job. If there were any prior tears in the rug, make sure to keep a careful eye as to not further agitate the tears.
When all is clean, we then take the rug out and lay it on the ground once again. We will now take out our hose and spray it down. This last rinse will endure until there is no more soap coming off the pile of the rug. When the final rinse is complete, we will through it in our specialized rug dryer which spins it at a very high speed to repel the water out of the rugs fibers. This can be done in as little as 3 minutes.  One machine that does this job really well is the Tornado w3300-55 but it does come with a high price tag of almost seven thousand dollars. The old school way of air drying works, but it takes a few days to dry. This process spins out excess water in 3 minutes and then the rug is hung to air dry the remaining moisture in just a few hours.
When the rug is completely done then the job is done. By having a routine rug cleaner help out every couple years, you can ensure a long life on your precious oriental rug.

How to Build a Successful Home Childcare Facility

Kids at Daycare

A childcare facility is a potentially profitable business. Of course, you have to fulfill several regulatory requirements within the Aurora IL city limits before starting such a business. With that in mind, here is some more information on how to properly start and build a daycare, childcare, or preschool up to code.


Contrary to popular belief, you cannot just put up a childcare business anywhere. This is because such businesses are subject to zoning laws and legal considerations at the state level. In general, most states have restrictions on the type of residential property one can use as a child care facility. A good example is the state of Illinois where such a facility must be located in a one or two family residence. In addition, the property must also be the provider’s primary residence. If you expect to admit children with disabilities, you must comply with the provisions of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) regarding the location of such a child care facility.


Daycare centers across the US must comply with strict safety regulations to prevent injuries or fatalities. More specifically, the US General Services Administration’s (GSA) Office of Child Care requires childcare centers to be on the ground floor of a building and have access to adequate outdoor play space. Additionally, the National Program for Playground Safety (NPPS) has a detailed list of playground safety requirements. To access this list, visit Moreover, your facility should have child safe locks, fencing around swimming pool (if any) that complies with state height and access safety standards, emergency fire exits, as fire extinguishers and suppression systems. Most states require facilities that offer childcare services to undergo mandatory inspections at least once every year. It is important to note that it is illegal to use or store hazardous materials in a preschool facility.

childcare teacher


You cannot operate a daycare center without a valid and up to date license from the relevant authorities. Each state has its own minimum requirements. For instance, in California, you must state the type of daycare center you intend to operate (infants, toddlers, preschool age, or school age), obtain a zoning permit, obtain a fire clearance permit, attend CCLD (Community Care Licensing Division) orientation meeting, and attend operations and record keeping orientation. Accessing information related to your state’s licensing requirements is easy since most states allow business owners to apply, submit, and renew licenses online.


All states require daycare centers to have adequate insurance coverage. Once again, insurance coverage requirements vary from state to state. In Delaware, for example, preschool facilities must have liability insurance of at least $100,000 per occurrence. In addition, facilities that provide transportation must ensure their drivers have adequate medical and liability insurance. Other coverage requirements include Worker’s compensation, state disability insurance, Social Security and unemployment insurance if applicable.


A day care center should comply with state staff-child ratio requirements. In general, the teacher-child ratio is 1:4 for children aged six weeks to 18 months. Facilities that accept toddlers 18-30 months old should maintain teacher-child ratio of 1:6. The teacher-child ratio at preschool centers is 1:12 while school-age facilities should maintain teacher-child ratio of 1:15. Moreover, some states, such as Illinois, require day care centers to hire aides who can help teachers take care of children.


Some of the main requirements you would need to meet in order to set up a daycare center up to code include licensing, playground and fire safety, insurance coverage and location requirements.

Choosing The Right Finish For Your Hardwood Floor

Your hardwood floor may have its in-built resistance, but a proper finish is still needed to protect the wood from a house’s routine elements. Besides durability, a good finish can also enhance the hardwood’s texture and color, based on the finish variety chosen. Floor finishes have varying traits, which is why it’s important to pick and choose thoughtfully when considering a finish for your floor.

Gloss or Matte?

Most finish options offer choices in terms of sheen. Scuffs or scratch marks on your floor are more likely or visible with glossier or shinier finishes. A matter or smooth finish reflects little light and is high on practicality. Before picking between the two, consider how the room is used and the look you want your hardwood floors to attain. A matte floor is also more traditional.

Penetrating or Surface?

A surface and penetrating finish are two of the most popular or common hardwood floor finishes. A penetrating finish, which comprises oils, enters deep into the wood grain. It can be renewed easily, but needs special polishing and waxing care to ensure the floor stays clean and strong.

Here in Chesterfield, owners of old houses with pine or other softwood floors usually side with oil-based penetrating finishes; that’s because the finish provides the wood a vintage appearance that doesn’t look plastic and shiny. Oils help highlight the natural wood’s texture and grain. This is why fine furniture makers use this finish.

A surface finish, including polyurethane and varnishes, creates a rigid surface atop the wood. The finish provides improved protection against stains and scratches and can be easily cleaned. Such finishes are common in newer houses and gym floors. In fact, the plastic-looking, super durable gym hardwood floor refinishing is polyurethane. A surface finish is removable, but the stripping and refinishing process will take some time.

Oil or Water-Based?

Traditional hardwood finishes are usually oil-based. However, there are a few challenges to oil-based floor finishes.

Compared to a water-based finish, oil finishes take time to dry. This not just prevents you from using the area quickly enough, but an oil-based finish’s snail-paced drying time also increases its susceptibility to dirt and dust. Also, an oil finish needs mineral spirits, instead of water and soap, for cleanup.

Water-based finishes were, in fact, born owing to the aforementioned limitations of oil-based formulas. Since water evaporates fast, the drying time of water-based finishes is negligible. This also means the decreased likeliness of dust and grime getting entrapped in the floor finish. Also, there are no dangerous fumes to water, thanks to its evaporating mechanism.

A water-based finish, however, trails oil-based finishes in the durability department, but the difference isn’t too big.

Floor Finish Buying Guidelines

The hardwood finish is as important as the floor. Therefore, don’t make choices based solely on price or attractiveness. Look into what your requirements are and how durable the finish will be, having considered the amount of footfalls the floor is likely to be subjected to.

If you’re stuck between a water- and oil-based finish, consider the period (time of the year), time available for the project, drying time, and the project’s impact on the family before making a choice. Once you have a more clear idea of what kind of finish is right for you, you’ll be ready to start evaluating potential local floor refinishers – you’ll find several good ones in Chesterfield. Good luck with your floor!

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How to Install an Electrical Receptacle without an Electrician

So you have just moved into your new home and you realize that there is only one electrical receptacle in your living room. With your extensive supply of electronics, this will just not work with your current digital lifestyle.  There is no way you’ll be able to bus your surround sound, T.V., cable box, router, video game consoles, and all of your lighting. This is when you decided that your room needs a couple more outlets. You can either call your local San Jose electrician or you can try and tackle this job yourself, saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run.



Luckily for you, the areas that you most need a new receptacle have another one on the other side of the wall. This means that you can bridge off of the outlet that sits across from where you want the new one. By doing this, you will not need to run a wire but a few inches, opposed to running a wire from other outlets across the way or all the way to the electrical panel.

Shut Off the Main Electric Supply

Before doing any electrician work, make sure that you first turn off the main power supply and disconnect the breaker that is connected to the outlet that you intend on doing work from. You don’t want to end up having to take a trip to the emergency room. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable doing a job like this then stop and call a professional electrical contractor.

Cut Away the Drywall and Wire it up

drywall tools

When the power has been shut off, you can then begin to cut away where you intend for the receptacle to be installed. Once you have the hole cut your next step is to install the receptacle box on the stud. Take your electrical cable and strip it to expose the white, black, and ground wires. Screw them in the appropriate sides of the outlet. It should indicate where they go on the outlet, but black is usually on brass, white is on silver, and the ground is usually at the lowest or highest point. When attached, run the wire out of the box and drill a hole in the stud if needed to reach the other outlet box that we need to bridge the power from. Next, you will then unscrew the outlet that resides on the other side of the wall. Here you can pull out the outlet and expose the wires to be worked on.  Now you can attach the wires on the bottom sections to create a loop and thus gain the power to the outlet.

drywall repair lady 3

When everything is connected, you can then put everything back in their boxes and secure tightly. The next step is to put up more drywall to the hole you made. For more stability, you may want to attach furrings to the back side of the surrounding drywall. When the furrings are in place, start to secure in the drywall. Finish with some drywall tape and some spackle. Let it dry then sand it smooth. Add some primer then finish with the paint color of your choice.

Congratulations! You just finished installing an electrical receptacle without the help of your local San Jose electrician or a trip to the hospital.

The Premium Replacement Window Company

windowsAfter a few years, windows may show signs of wear and tear that compel owners to replace them. This is an excellent opportunity to switch to beautiful units of higher quality and efficiency that can last for almost a lifetime. That’s what customers get with Renewal by Andersen window replacement service.

Custom-made in the USA

This respected window installation company is a subsidiary of Andersen Corporation, the biggest name when it comes to windows and doors in the country. It was founded as far back as 1903 by Hans Andersen in Hudson, Wisconsin. It has since grown into a global business with a production facility in Bayport, Minnesota covering 65 acres of land. On the other hand, Renewal by Andersen’s custom built windows are made Cottage Grove, MN. High standards of quality are imposed to ensure customer satisfaction.

Unique Fibrex Composite Material

Most windows on the market are either made of wood or vinyl. Both materials have their pros and cons, forcing consumers to make a compromise at every turn. That is why the company developed the exceptional Fibrex composite material that combines all of the greatest attributes of wood and vinyl: insulation, low maintenance, resistance to decay, structural rigidity, and phenomenal durability. People can now get the best of both worlds thanks to the advanced engineering prowess of Andersen.

Superior Energy Efficiency

The company offers different variants of High-Performance Low E4 glass. Each of these can provide the home with increased energy efficiency during temperature extremes for lower consumption. They also block ultraviolet rays to protect furniture, artwork, and drapes from damage. A tinted version is available for reduced visible light. Customers may choose between four patterns including Fern, Cascade, Reed and Obscure. Those who are looking for stronger glass may opt for the heat-treated type. Energy efficient windows can save families significant sums over the long run.

Different Styles to Choose From

There is no singular style to fit all homes. That’s why Andersen carries multiple windows including casement, double-hung, sliding, bay & bow, picture, awning, and specialty windows. Choose what’s best for each case. Then pair it with the right color and stainable wood interiors for the perfect match with vintage architecture. Here are eleven available hardware finishes such as polished chrome, bright brass, and oil-rubbed bronze.  Add grille patterns and insect screens for protection if required. These are all high-quality additions that extend window functionality without taking anything away from their beauty.

Impeccable Customer Service

happy audience

One of the reasons why Andersen has been around for over a hundred years is its commitment to deliver impeccable customer service. Interested parties can schedule a consultation with window replacement experts free of charge. They will visit the house to learn its needs up-close and suggest appropriate solutions. The project will be completed on time and within budget. Customers will never have to worry as the lines of communication will always be open and free-flowing. Experienced craftsmen will install the windows, clean up the site, and exceed expectations with their incredible work.

Window Replacement Warranty

Renewal by Andersen provides the best-limited warranty in the business that covers parts, labor, and original installation services. The company stands by the quality of its glass and ensures customers that they will be free from defects in workmanship, materials, and manufacturing for 20 years. There is also a 10-year warranty on parts other than glass and a 2-year warranty on installation. For more information about their replacement windows, go to the official website or call the company today.

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Is Hot Water Extraction the Best Method of Carpet Cleaning?

Carpet Cleaning For Elegant Homes

Based on studies, abrasive and gritty dry particulate matter such as dirt that accumulate on carpets may damage it substantially. Apart from this water spills, dropped food particles, and pet excreta also play a major role in damaging them. Left untreated, the combination of water and dirt binds the dirt inside the carpet knots. The amount of damage increases proportionately to the density of the knots.


Prevent Damage

All of these factors can damage your precious rug beyond repair if you do not take timely and preventive action. Never try to undertake this task by yourself unless you have the knowledge and the equipment required; else, you might end up damaging its fine fabrics. Remember, once dirt goes deep inside the carpet, it does not easily come out. Most people, in an attempt to save money, try to follow do it yourself methods mentioned online that suggest them to wash their carpets and dry it in sunlight.

living roomSunlight Can Bleach

They are unaware that the ultraviolet rays of sunlight act as a bleaching agent, which damages the color of the rugs. Most carpets, particularly the costly Oriental ones, contain water-soluble vegetable based dyes. Therefore, trying to remove spilled water from them by wiping the wet areas with dry and absorbent cloth can cause the color to bleed from one part to the other, especially if you use the same cloth for wiping different parts of the rug, damaging its beauty permanently.


Salvaging Water Soaked Rugs

The extent of damage is much more in the case of water saturated rugs. Trying to dry them with hair dryers or by keeping them in an air conditioned room shrinks their size. Instead of taking the risk of cleaning a soiled rug on your own, entrust the job to a professional Northern Virginia carpet cleaning company. They will send  an experienced carpet cleaner to your home to evaluate the damages to your rug, clean it, and restore it to its pristine glory without shrinking its size or damaging its colors.


Steam Versus Hot water Extraction

While most professionals employ steam cleaning to dry rugs soaked with water, only a few, such as Absolute Carpet Care use the hot water extraction method. Unlike steam cleaning, where water needs to heated to a temperature high enough to transform it into vapor, the hot water cleaning method employs water heated to a temperature that removes stubborn stains as well as preserves the dimensions of the carpet. Apart from this, the former method is best suited for rugs woven from artificial fibers.

carpet cleaning by handCarpet Care Advantages

Unlike hot water, steam never acts as a rinsing agent. Therefore, it cannot remove soil or detergents used during the cleansing process. In the hot water extraction method, the carpet cleaner applies cleaning agent on the soiled area, rubs it with a soft brush (to protect its sensitive fibers), then follows it up by rinsing it with clean water. He repeats this process several times until all the dirt and grime are removed. Once the procedure is completed, the specialist compresses the moist area with blotting paper or lint-free cloth to remove excessive water and dries the carpet in an air conditioned room. On an average, the carpet cleaner completes the cleaning and drying process in about six hours. Instead of taking any risk with your precious carpet, seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning company in Northern Virginia like Absolute Carpet Care.