5 Ways to Choose the HVAC Company Right For Your Home

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Heating and cooling systems are durable goods that are designed to last at a minimum, 20 years and have even been known to surpass up to 40 years. With this being said, servicing these machines is not that common of a task and technicians are usually only brought in when something has gone wrong or the central system has broken. Being that the average homeowner may only see an HVAC expert once a year, they may not readily have someone to call on hand without having to reference the internet or their friends for a reliable referral. There are many different heating and air companies out there and it can sometimes be a battle trying to decipher who is the best candidate with the most experience. To help you out, we have asked the nice folks at Bradley Mechanical in Richmond VA to guide us through a couple of ways you can find an experienced heating and cooling company.

When deciding on who is right for the job, the first thing you must ensure is that the company you are considering is qualified to work on the type of system that your home uses. Is your home using a gas, electric, or oil furnace? Is it an older air conditioning model? Does your home run on a heat pump? Will you be needing ventilation repair as well? When you find out what heating and cooling source your home is using, make sure that the service you are considering has the necessary experience and tools to efficiently repair your central units. Some certifications that you can ask for are NATE certifications, Excellence certifications, and the Environmental Protections Agency 608 certification. It wouldn’t hurt to even ask for some references so you can ensure that the work they have done in the past lead to a satisfied experience.


One key indicator on the prestige of the HVAC service in mind is whether or not they currently have a steady load of customers. Someone that can be at your home in 15 minutes is not always the best choice. This can present signs of a new to the industry business or someone that can’t retain work. With such a competitive market, you should expect to set up an appointment to get someone into your home. In Richmond, VA, there are a few larger companies that can accommodate those 15min service calls but this is only because of the large technician base that they have. If you are a small sized business, then a 15 min response time may indicate concern, but not in all cases.

You may also choose to look for an HVAC repair service that is a factory authorized service provider that has specific knowledge of the brand of unit you have in your home. If you have a warranty on your unit, then it is usually required to go this route or the warranty can be deemed void. Otherwise, a claim may not be able to be resolved under warranty. A factory authorized service provider may also be better qualified to work on your specific brand of unit opposed to the other run of the mill technician. For example, here at Bradley Mechanical, our Richmond HVAC technicians are factory authorized service providers for one of the most reliable heating & cooling products, Lennox. Working with one of these service providers is also another surefire way that you can receive the greatest amount of trade-in value if you need to replace your system.

If you are planning to schedule an annual servicing and checkup, then you should highly consider the time of year you choose to set up an appointment. If it is during the summer or winter seasons, then prices are at their highest. To save yourself some money, choose an off-season date. You may also be able to find some discounts and promotions online, so be sure to do your research and spend some time looking around. Some companies are also known to have competitive pricing, so if you find a lower price, there may be room to haggle down a bit.

Lastly, never forget to check out online HVAC testimonials and reviews. More people are apt, to posting a bad review than a good review so keep that in mind. You can’t please everyone. But, if you have a lot of poor reviews this can indicate a problem. You can check Yelp, Google Plus, Facebook, and the BBB. These are all great places to look and you may even want to try and reach out to some of these reviewers to gain a little more insight on a problem or a great experience.

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