How to Install an Electrical Receptacle without an Electrician

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So you have just moved into your new home and you realize that there is only one electrical receptacle in your living room. With your extensive supply of electronics, this will just not work with your current digital lifestyle.  There is no way you’ll be able to bus your surround sound, T.V., cable box, router, video game consoles, and all of your lighting. This is when you decided that your room needs a couple more outlets. You can either call your local San Jose electrician or you can try and tackle this job yourself, saving yourself hundreds of dollars in the long run.



Luckily for you, the areas that you most need a new receptacle have another one on the other side of the wall. This means that you can bridge off of the outlet that sits across from where you want the new one. By doing this, you will not need to run a wire but a few inches, opposed to running a wire from other outlets across the way or all the way to the electrical panel.

Shut Off the Main Electric Supply

Before doing any electrician work, make sure that you first turn off the main power supply and disconnect the breaker that is connected to the outlet that you intend on doing work from. You don’t want to end up having to take a trip to the emergency room. If at any time you don’t feel comfortable doing a job like this then stop and call a professional electrical contractor.

Cut Away the Drywall and Wire it up

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When the power has been shut off, you can then begin to cut away where you intend for the receptacle to be installed. Once you have the hole cut your next step is to install the receptacle box on the stud. Take your electrical cable and strip it to expose the white, black, and ground wires. Screw them in the appropriate sides of the outlet. It should indicate where they go on the outlet, but black is usually on brass, white is on silver, and the ground is usually at the lowest or highest point. When attached, run the wire out of the box and drill a hole in the stud if needed to reach the other outlet box that we need to bridge the power from. Next, you will then unscrew the outlet that resides on the other side of the wall. Here you can pull out the outlet and expose the wires to be worked on.  Now you can attach the wires on the bottom sections to create a loop and thus gain the power to the outlet.

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When everything is connected, you can then put everything back in their boxes and secure tightly. The next step is to put up more drywall to the hole you made. For more stability, you may want to attach furrings to the back side of the surrounding drywall. When the furrings are in place, start to secure in the drywall. Finish with some drywall tape and some spackle. Let it dry then sand it smooth. Add some primer then finish with the paint color of your choice.

Congratulations! You just finished installing an electrical receptacle without the help of your local San Jose electrician or a trip to the hospital.