How to Restore Your Oriental Rug

oriental rug

Cleaning your oriental rug is no easy task and should be dealt with by the professionals. They have the resources to get the job done quickly and with little mess. This cleaning process requires a lot of room and expensive equipment that can even add up if you decide to rent it. Expert rug cleaners have high-quality rug equipment that can get this tedious task done with impeccable results. You won’t be able to rent good enough equipment to get that pristine clean that the professionals can offer. Today we have the folks from All Brite Chem-Dry to help discuss some rug cleaning methods that have been known to gain excellent outcomes.


When dealing with cleaning any rug, the first priority is to remove all dried dirt and dust. The most effective way is to first start by vibrating the rug. There are many machines out there that do just that, but we have found the Wolverine Rug Duster to be one of the most efficient. The rug is placed on the floor above a raising mat that has holes all throughout it. Your next step is to run the rug duster across every inch of the rug at a very slow pace. As you move along the surface, you are vibrating the dust and dirt out of the back side. When the first step of this process is complete you can then lift the rug and shake it out a bit. You will be amazed at the amount of dirt left beneath the mat below. We then take the mat and the rug outside to be blown off with a very high powered air compressor. After the agitation from the vibration rug duster, we are able to blow out the remainder of the loosened dirt and dust. We will slowly run the air compressor head across the pile side of the rug to its entirety.  When complete we will flip over and do the back side. This process is again repeated and then sent to the washing step.
old school rug cleaner

The next step is to properly wash the rugs. In the olden days, rugs were taken out to the river bed and cleaned through and abrasive process which involved a bristle brushing broom.  However, this took up a lot of time and now we resort to using newer technologies. For our washing process, we run the carpet though a specialty paddle wheel rug washer. We can feed the entire rug into this commercial size cleaner. We run the rug through this machine for about forty-five minutes to an hour. You will be able to see the dirt rinsing off and dispersing though out the water causing a murky appearance. This lets you know that you are doing a good job. If there were any prior tears in the rug, make sure to keep a careful eye as to not further agitate the tears.
When all is clean, we then take the rug out and lay it on the ground once again. We will now take out our hose and spray it down. This last rinse will endure until there is no more soap coming off the pile of the rug. When the final rinse is complete, we will through it in our specialized rug dryer which spins it at a very high speed to repel the water out of the rugs fibers. This can be done in as little as 3 minutes.  One machine that does this job really well is the Tornado w3300-55 but it does come with a high price tag of almost seven thousand dollars. The old school way of air drying works, but it takes a few days to dry. This process spins out excess water in 3 minutes and then the rug is hung to air dry the remaining moisture in just a few hours.
When the rug is completely done then the job is done. By having a routine rug cleaner help out every couple years, you can ensure a long life on your precious oriental rug.