Is Hot Water Extraction the Best Method of Carpet Cleaning?

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Based on studies, abrasive and gritty dry particulate matter such as dirt that accumulate on carpets may damage it substantially. Apart from this water spills, dropped food particles, and pet excreta also play a major role in damaging them. Left untreated, the combination of water and dirt binds the dirt inside the carpet knots. The amount of damage increases proportionately to the density of the knots.


Prevent Damage

All of these factors can damage your precious rug beyond repair if you do not take timely and preventive action. Never try to undertake this task by yourself unless you have the knowledge and the equipment required; else, you might end up damaging its fine fabrics. Remember, once dirt goes deep inside the carpet, it does not easily come out. Most people, in an attempt to save money, try to follow do it yourself methods mentioned online that suggest them to wash their carpets and dry it in sunlight.

living roomSunlight Can Bleach

They are unaware that the ultraviolet rays of sunlight act as a bleaching agent, which damages the color of the rugs. Most carpets, particularly the costly Oriental ones, contain water-soluble vegetable based dyes. Therefore, trying to remove spilled water from them by wiping the wet areas with dry and absorbent cloth can cause the color to bleed from one part to the other, especially if you use the same cloth for wiping different parts of the rug, damaging its beauty permanently.


Salvaging Water Soaked Rugs

The extent of damage is much more in the case of water saturated rugs. Trying to dry them with hair dryers or by keeping them in an air conditioned room shrinks their size. Instead of taking the risk of cleaning a soiled rug on your own, entrust the job to a professional Northern Virginia carpet cleaning company. They will send  an experienced carpet cleaner to your home to evaluate the damages to your rug, clean it, and restore it to its pristine glory without shrinking its size or damaging its colors.


Steam Versus Hot water Extraction

While most professionals employ steam cleaning to dry rugs soaked with water, only a few, such as Absolute Carpet Care use the hot water extraction method. Unlike steam cleaning, where water needs to heated to a temperature high enough to transform it into vapor, the hot water cleaning method employs water heated to a temperature that removes stubborn stains as well as preserves the dimensions of the carpet. Apart from this, the former method is best suited for rugs woven from artificial fibers.

carpet cleaning by handCarpet Care Advantages

Unlike hot water, steam never acts as a rinsing agent. Therefore, it cannot remove soil or detergents used during the cleansing process. In the hot water extraction method, the carpet cleaner applies cleaning agent on the soiled area, rubs it with a soft brush (to protect its sensitive fibers), then follows it up by rinsing it with clean water. He repeats this process several times until all the dirt and grime are removed. Once the procedure is completed, the specialist compresses the moist area with blotting paper or lint-free cloth to remove excessive water and dries the carpet in an air conditioned room. On an average, the carpet cleaner completes the cleaning and drying process in about six hours. Instead of taking any risk with your precious carpet, seek the help of a professional carpet cleaning company in Northern Virginia like Absolute Carpet Care.